Beyonce Gets Slapped In The Face And Has Her Hair Pulled During Concert In Serbia

Beyonce Gets Slapped By Fan

We don't know about you but if we'd paid good money to see Beyonce in concert then we wouldn't show our appreciation by slapping her in the face or yanking at her weave but that's exactly what happened to the singer on the opening night of her current Mrs Carter Show world tour in Serbia.

Honestly, whatever happened to clapping and cheering?

Video footage of the star making her way through the crowd at her gig on 15 April clearly shows one fan yanking at her hair and another high-fiving her face.

We're hoping it was just a case of over-excited fans getting caught up in the moment mainly because we don't want the incident to put Bey off walking through the crowd when we go to see her when the tour arrives in the UK next week.

And if we are in touching distance we promise to behave ourselves, Bey (honest).


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