Beer Pong A 'Dangerous' Drinking Game Due To Bacteria And Salmonella Risk, Find Students

FUNSPOILER ALERT: Beer Pong Is Teeming With Bacteria, Find Students
Beer Pong is riddled with bacteria and a
Beer Pong is riddled with bacteria and a

We've known for a while now beer isn't too good for you, but now we've been told we could contract salmonella from playing beer pong and the fave student pastime is in fact 'dangerous'.

In a funsponge study conducted by students at Clemson University in Columbia, USA, "teeming bacteria" was found on pingpong balls used in beer pong.


Further research found "dangerous" bacteria such as salmonella, listeria and E.Coli on the balls, the Chron newspaper reported.

Well, as they say, ignorance is bliss.

But, if you fancy taking your life in your hands and throwing caution to the wind, then here's a how-to for beer pong. Do remember to wash your balls first though.

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