'Footee' Combines Football And Golf, And May Just Be The Best Sport Ever Invented (VIDEO)

WATCH: Fancy A Game Of Footee?

The video above is not, incredibly, a spoof - nor a Monty Python sketch - but an actual promo to introduce the world to the sport of 'footee'.

Footee, according to the official website, is "a competitive, skilful and addictive sports game that mixes the passion and strength of football with the elegance and tradition of golf".

The sport is played on a golf course, and the rules are identical to golf - but instead of swinging golf clubs, you kick the (foot)balls into the (football-sized) holes on the green. As per golf, each hole carries a par and the aim is to get the football in to the hole on each green in as few shots as possible.

The first Irish course is set to open on the outskirts of Dublin in May, reports entertainment.ie. Hopefully it won't be too long before it catches on and we can all be playing it - plus-fours and all...


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