Blind Dog Rescued By Firefighters From Lake Ontario After Taking A Wrong Turn During A Pit Stop (PICTURES)


A blind dog had to be rescued from the cold waters of Lake Ontario in Canada after falling off a ferry dock.

The 11-year-old Samoyed took a tumble into the water off the Wolfe Island ferry dock, Rex Features revealed.

Jim Argo he had been in a line of cars waiting to board the ferry when he let Inge out to relieve herself.

Claude Duval helps Inge after her tumble into Canada's Lake Ontario

Argo told The Whig: "I stepped out to give her a chance to go pee. She went behind the fence and she had finished her pee and then all of a sudden she just took a step forward and she was in the water."

Horrifyingly, Argo realised that Inge, in her confusion, was swimming in the wrong direction away from the dock.

Bystanders attempted to fish her out using a rescue pole with a loop on the end but were unsuccessful.

Inge is eventually hauled to dry land

It was then that firefighters arrived having received a false call that a person was in the water.

Firefighter Claude Duval donned a specialised ice water rescue suit and went into the lake to hold onto Inge while his colleagues came up with a plan.

A ladder was initially lowered down but Inge was too heavy for Claude to lift so an improvised stretcher was lowered down on a rope so that she could be strapped to it.

Inge was eventually freed from the water and given a brisk rub down by her very relieved owner.

Inge The Blind Dog Gets Rescued

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