South London Couple Sit Down To Eat Dinner In Middle Of London Road (VIDEO)

A video of a couple sitting down to eat their evening meal in the middle of a busy road in Thornton Heath, South London has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube.

Settling down on a child's table and chairs, the two attempt to eat, before a double-decker bus and a row of traffic congregates behind them.

Becoming irate, the diner shouts back at the beeping horns saying: "I’m eating my food, bruv, what? I’m eating my food. Shut up! Stop distracting me." His lady companion remains quiet throughout.

The person filming the event can be heard saying "pure comedy" as the resolute diner tucks into his kebab, illuminated by car headlights instead of candlelight.

However others thought the prank was irresponsible, with one YouTube commenter posting "Learn the difference between comedy......and being irritating and irresponsible"

Warning: bad language is used in the below video.