Jorge Bendersky, Celebrity Dog Groomer Provides Temporary Tattoos For Canines (PICTURES)


A New York dog groomer is providing temporary tattoos for hounds. Yes. Tattoos for dogs.

‘Celebrity’ dog groomer Jorge Bendersky offers the $100 (£64) service, which involves filling in a stencil with canine-safe glue and adding glitter and rhinestones.

As well as beautifying the already pampered pets of the well-heeled, the Argentinian’s website claims he holds regular pet care workshops and conducts seminars on how to properly groom your dog at his salon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Jorge Bendersky and client Jackie the Jack Russell

He told DNAinfo: “In the summer, they cut the dogs’ hair short, so you’ve got to supplement the glamour.

“Having no hair is no excuse not to be glamorous.”

He added: "Dogs are like humans, and when they accessorise they get attention. A pink dog does not know it's pink, but when people are smiling and taking pictures, it gets attention. So, a dog likes to get tattoos."

According to Bendersky’s PR, “female pups tend to prefer a rose, butterfly or heart design, while males prefer a star, anchor or a skull and crossbones,” the New York Observer reports.

Yes of course they do.

Jackie's $100 'tramp stamp'

Dog tattoos

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