'Nazi Guard' Hans Lipschis, 93, Arrested In Germany For Wartime Crimes In Auschwitz

93-Year-Old 'Nazi Guard' Arrested

A 93-year-old man, allegedly a former guard at Auschwitz extermination camp during the Holocaust, has been arrested in Germany.

Hans Lipschis, the world's fourth most wanted 'Nazi', was arrested in Aalen, charged with being complicit in murder as a member of the Waffen SS at the camp in occupied Poland. Lipschis claims he was a cook at the camp, the BBC reported.

"This is a very positive step, we welcome the arrest, I hope this will only be the first of many arrests, trials and convictions of death camp guards," the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Efraim Zuroff told AFP news agency.

A 93-year-old man was arrested by German authorities on allegations he served as an Auschwitz death camp guard

More than one million people, most of them Jews, died at the camp, which was the Nazis' largest extermination operation. Just 50 people who worked at Auschwitz are believed to still be alive.

The BBC reported that Lithuania-born Lipschis' wartime ID shows he belonged to an SS company deployed as guards in Auschwitz.

He moved to Chicago in the US in 1956, where he lived until 1983, when he was expelled for having concealed his Nazi past.


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