The Holocaust

"We can understand why people would be deeply offended," the PM's spokesperson said.
"While Whoopi has apologised, I’ve asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments," ABC's president said.
The Sister Act star was slammed for saying the historic atrocity was "about man’s inhumanity to man" on US daytime show, The View.
Her comments were met with shocked outbursts and murmurs from others.
Roger Hallam's downplaying of Nazi genocide “unreservedly denounced” by British chapter.
As a Chelsea supporter all my life, I am distinctly aware of the long-standing anti-Semitism issue amongst sections of our fanbase – it's vital we all learn what happens when anti-Semitism is allowed to thrive unchecked
Do what you can to support those trying to rebuild new safe homes today
State-sponsored persecution of gay men was particularly ruthless under the Nazis – but across the world, these prejudices still exist today