Weekly Wellbeing: The Best And Worst Sleep Positions For Your Body (PICTURES)


Before turning out the lights and snuggling up to your partner (or pillow) you may want to think about your sleeping position of choice.

According to Dr. Michael J. Breus, some sleeping positions may be better for your body than others.

Appearing on US health show 'The Doctors', he revealed that getting forty winks in the wrong position could cause unnecessary strain across the back and neck.

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"Sleeping on your back is usually the best sleep position," Dr Breus explains in the clip above. "It disperses your weight over your entire frame."

Even weight distribution can ease muscular pain and reduce strain, he adds.

Sleeping on your back is best for your body

Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position for your body, Dr Breus reveals.

"The biggest problem is that you have to turn your entire head almost 90 degrees and that causes tremendous strain across your neck," he says.

An older mattress that sags or an over-stuffed pillow can cause even further problems.

The best sleeping posiition can vary from person to person, and he recommends individual consultations to see what is best.

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