George Osborne, aka Osbi-Wan, Makes Star Wars Related Joke, Cracks Himself Up (VIDEO)

WATCH: Osbi-wan Makes First Star Wars Joke, Cracks Up

George Osborne has cracked his first Star Wars joke in a toe-curling display of political punmanship.

A slew of hilarity coursed across the internet after the initial announcement that Osborne had secured the franchise, with #britishstarwars and #torystarwars trending on Twitter.

Now Osbi-wan himself has attempted to get in on the joke. He told reporters:: “It’s great news that one of the most famous film franchises is coming to the United Kingdom...

“I got personally involved in trying to persuade the Lucasfilm to bring Star Wars to the UK so I’m absolutely delighted.

“And it looks like the force is strong with this one.”

Really puts the sigh into Sith, doesn't it...? Poor George. He has already faced criticism from some Star Wars aficionados after attaching a rogue S to the name of his favourite character, calling him 'Hans Solo' rather than Han Solo.

Check out the rest of the Star Wars fun below.

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