Sir Richard Branson In Drag As He Loses Bet And Dresses As An Air Stewardess

No matter how freaky you thought the idea of Sir Richard Branson in drag could be it turns out the reality is actually far worse.

It's difficult to describe quite what he looks like but we're going for "an overly tall and overly awkward Ewok at a hen party".

Branson was dressed as a Virgin Airways air stewardess after he lost a bet to Tony Fernandes, owner of AirAsia.

Both own Formula 1 racing teams and had wagered over whose team would finish ahead at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with the loser forced to be a stewardess on the other's airline.

Speaking to reporters after his shift, Branson said: "As Tony said we had a fun day, glad to have got his bet over and done with, and I'm looking forward to getting back into my own clothes."

Fernandes gleefully declared that Sir Richard's skills as an attendant were "rubbish", and that he was being fired immediately.

The stunt also raised money for Starlight Children Foundation a charity that grants wishes for seriously and terminally ill children.

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