TV Karaoke Prank Couple On Jay Leno Show, Will And Monifa Simms, Become Internet Singing Superstars

A couple caught in a TV prank by 'The Tonight Show' recovered in spectacular fashion to become internet karaoke superstars.

Will Simms was at a petrol station when hidden cameras, in a prank called 'Pumpcast News', caught him humming a tune as he filled up his car.

After initially being shocked to discover he was being filmed, Simms readily accepted the challenge to sing Bon Jovi's 'Livin' On A Prayer' in exchange for free gas.

After the pretty decent rendition his wife, Monifa, gets out the car and does her own tune.

Jay Leno, regular host of the 'The Tonight Show' was so impressed he got them onto his show (see below).

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