English National Opera, in partnership with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, has created a programme to help people suffering with long-COVID symptoms. Called ENO Breathe, the initiative uses singing, breathing and wellbeing to treat breathlessness and anxiety.
"I wanted to highlight how ridiculous it is," says Becky CJ, whose videos have gained millions of fans overnight.
Singing has been banned from weddings for the foreseeable future. So, what's the issue?
Robert Jenrick says he hopes places of worship can open soon but cautions against large gatherings.
During her three year battle with terminal COPD, Mum had gone through the effort to have herself recorded singing the Leonard Cohen classic ‘Hallelujah’
'Something as accessible as singing could help to speed up recovery.'
I was a young man when I received the news of a cancerous tumour in my upper palate. The surgeons informed me that they would need to remove my teeth, my gums and the roof of my mouth to eradicate the cancer. As a musician and singer, my image is a large part of who I am.
At the end of the second world war, England triumphed over Germany, Italy and the rest of the world. And sadly as with all
This semester, without doubt, has been another busy yet fulfilling one. Next week, for instance, will consist of an average of one public speaking engagement (e.g. admissions panel, hosting a federal judge)/final presentation each day for me. Amid all the stress and excitement, it is not too self-indulgent for me to reflect on some of the positive experience that I have had.
It is well documented that the act of singing brings with it a whole raft of benefits to health and wellbeing, and singing in a choir has even more to offer participants. It is one of the most effective ways to form social bonds and is undeniably one of the most enjoyable and uplifting group activities you can do