Google Set To Unveil Spotify Rival At I/O Conference?


Google might be about to announce a competitor to Spotify.

Er, again.

The search engine giant already has a music store built into its Play app, as well as Google Music, a cloud-based service that lets users upload up to 20,000 songs and listen to them on the web and other connected devices.

But now the Internet is gearing up for the launch of a paid subscription music service more similar to sites like Spotify, Rdio and others.

The Verge says that Google has new deals with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group for YouTube and Google Play - and the rumour is a subscription service will be the result.

The New York Times said that the service is likely to be paid-for only, and not have a free tier.

Earlier in 2013 Fortune said that Google had signed a similar deal with Warner, which would give it all three of the world's biggest record companies.

Google could make the announcement at its I/O conference as earlier as this afternoon, UK time.

But it could have new competition soon - Apple is said to be working on a similar product, albeit one more similar to traditional radio or services like Pandora than a direct streaming product like Spotify.