Lose 20 Pounds With Six Weeks To OMG Bikini Body Recipes (PICTURES)

Fish and chips: A Six Weeks To OMG recipe recommendation
Fish and chips: A Six Weeks To OMG recipe recommendation

As it was one of the biggest diet crazes of 2012, Huffpost UK Lifestyle thought it was only fair to remind readers of Venice A. Fulton's tops ideas for weight loss, just in time for summer.

Admittedly, there were a few critics of the diet book Six Weeks To OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends, which reportedly encouraged competitive weight-loss and extreme diet behaviour such as skipping breakfast, drinking coffee and taking cold baths.

But, after we spoke to Fulton, we couldn't help thinking that the man might have a few good points.

The sports scientists and personal trainer believes all women can lose 20 pounds in six weeks. Here are some of his core beliefs..

  • Skipping breakfast can be healthy
  • Certain fruits instantly block fat loss
  • Small frequent meals are damaging
  • Juices and smoothies cause overeating
  • Exercise is more than just how much and how hard
  • Broccoli carbs can be worse than those from Coke

Below we've suggested some recipes that tap into his top ideas for weight loss. But if you want to find out more, you'll need to read his special priced eBook, which is £1.99 until end of May.

Do you think these recipes and ideas for meals could help you lose 20 pounds in six weeks?

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Six Weeks To OMG Recipes