SPF will protect against the sun, but this new swimwear will help guard against the coronavirus.
Just because we’re of the belief that every body is a bikini body doesn’t mean every body wants to be in a bikini.
This television presenter does not think so.
All these men suffer from the Entitlement disease which comes with the male belief that the Y chromosome gives them the right to dictate their preferences on us women. I have always dismissed such Muslim men as insignificant nobodies who cannot affect me or my choices. Sadly, the power that the mayoralty affords David Lisnard does affect my choice.
'This is me, in a bikini, and I f****** love it.'
For most of her life, Jazzmyne Jay has felt the need to hide her body away from the world.  But after years of hating her
And not look like you got lost looking for the beach.
Although the British weather would have us believe we are going into October, it is in fact July - something which should
I am going to eat more fruits and vegetables, still exercise, but it's time to shift my focus. I was put here for a reason and for me it's about serving in a way that feels authentic. I am going to go with the flow more, focus on what's important and for me that feels like a summer of camp fires, belly laughs and beaches.