UKIP Joke Twitter Account 'Upik Tips' Has More Followers Than Its Official Channel

Upik Tips Parody Twitter Feed Has More Followers Than Official Ukip Account
The parody account now has more followers than Ukip
The parody account now has more followers than Ukip

In a delicious twist of fate, the Ukip parody Twitter account '@UpikTips' has now got more followers than the UK Independence Party official account.

The account plays on the stereotype of a Ukip supporter and offers more than a nod to what Nigel Farage called the "handful" of embarrasing candidates which have blighted the party.

The account was originally called "Ukip tips" and had the biography "pretend you aren't a racist by wearing a suit."

However it changed its description after Twitter received a complaint that the account was 'misleading' people and was not making it clear enough it wasn't affiliated to UKIP.

The men who run the Twitter account told Huff Post UK: "If we've got one thing in common with UKIP, it's that we're both small-time jokeblowers. It's just that we've got more followers.

"We've had abuse from both sides of the argument, but that's the way we like it. People who don't get the joke are the joke. We wouldn't want it any other way."

Check out our round up of its parody tweets below.

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