A different definition The legal definition of rape was widened in 2005 and legislation introduced in July 2013 meant that
How do we respect the will of the people when the people have no say, no control, and the very tools of democracy are being
I am well aware I am going to be called a lefty, liberal snowflake and be sent tweets about how Isis will bomb my family (and yes, I have had that tweeted to me before!) but it starts with us connecting as human beings and doing what's right.
Donald Trump succeeded in becoming the American President by promising to be hostile towards foreign people - by blaming them for the problems his potential voters were experiencing.
Sparked suggestions that Trump was overstepping usual etiquette.
Donald Trump and Theresa May’s hand-holding in the White House was a “chivalrous” act by the new President, Downing Street
Umunna is trying to find a middle way between the close-all-the-borders rhetoric of some Leave campaigners, and the protect-freedom-of-movement-at-all cost cries of hard-core Remainers. While this may be an intellectual responsible course of action for Labour, it could hold short-term pain at the ballot box.
Austria’s far-Right Freedom Party has blamed Nigel Farage for its defeat in elections on Sunday. Anton Mahdalik, a senior