Peter Collier, Australian Minister, Accidentally 'Likes' Picture Of Teenage Boy's Testicles

Australian education minister Peter Collier pictured on the left
Australian education minister Peter Collier pictured on the left

Before you click 'Like' on a picture of a teenage boy on Facebook, always make sure he is not secretly displaying his testicles - especially if you are a government minister.

Australian education minister Peter Collier has had to apologise after falling victim to a prank known as "sneaky nuts".

In December 2011 a 16-year-old Young Liberal posted a seemingly innocent photo of himself on Facebook and it received 30 'Likes' including one from Collier - what the politician did not notice was the boy's subtle state of undress.

"At first glance it appeared to be a harmless picture," Collier said in a statement. "It was a silly mistake on my part. I only became aware of the actual content of the photo when shown by a journalist today."

He added: "This obviously highlights the pitfalls of social media. I apologise if I caused any offence."

The picture prank was made popular by Australian comedian Chris Lilley's TV show Angry Boys.

According to The Herald, Labor’s Sue Ellery called for an investigation. "This is a man who is a senior minister in charge of the professional standards of dealing with young people and young people’s use of social media," she said.

The awkward mistake only came to light last month when the teenager told his Twitter followers what he had done.

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