David Beckham Retires, Cannes Film Festival And P Diddy Does Downton - Vote On Your Favourite Pictures Of The Week

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The King of the football pitch, his royal sportiness David Beckham, announced he was stepping down from professional football. The 'big news' was at risk of being overshadowed by Sir Alex Ferguson's recent retirement, but Beck-mania ensued in the national press, with tearful looks back on the footballer's career.

Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce emerged from prison with beaming smiles, with Huhne revealed he had had a 'humbling and sobering experience' during his time behind bars.

Cannes film festival had a sodden kick-off with mixed weather, Ladies' Man Prince Harry made waves in the US and our very own Doctor Who showed off a shaven head whilst filming with Ryan Gosling in Detroit.

Don't miss a chicken with four legs and the grand Puffin count in the Farne Islands - all in our Pictures of the Week below.

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