Police Officer 'Parks On Yellow Lines To Collect McDonalds' (PICTURE)

An angry lorry driver flipped at a burger-loving police officer apparently blocking his exit in his patrol car - while collecting his McDonalds.

The trucker claims he saw the peckish Pc get out of his car and go into the fast food outlet before returning minutes later - munching on his fast-food treat.

The angry HGV driver reported the incident to police chiefs and accused the officer of "setting a bad example".

The patrol car was pictured outside the fast food restuarant

He said: "This police officer parked there, seeing that I was about to pull out.

"He then sauntered into the McDonald’s for his food and then sauntered out with it five minutes later.

"People parking on this set of double yellows cause a great deal of problems for trucks trying to exit the truck fuel pumps.

"The reason the yellow lines are there is to prevent accidents with trucks trying to manoeuvre around this tight corner.

"Members of the public park here and frequently become quite abusive when we ask them to move. The police are setting a bad example.

"The longest I’ve been stuck waiting to get out is about 20 minutes."

Kent Police said "We take reports of this nature very seriously and the incident is currently under investigation.

"Where evidence of an alleged road traffic offence or parking offence is brought to our attention we will review any such evidence placed before us and deal with the incident in the most appropriate manner.

"Options available to us include issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice or a report for summons."