Southampton University Student's Amazing JP Morgan Revenge Prank (VIDEO)

Last week we published an ingenious prank played by Southampton student Andy Ram on his course mate George Bailey, involving a parking ticket and a voice translator - and some rather rude words.

We admitted it was pretty good, but, (sorry Ram) we have to take our hats off to Bailey for his downright mean revenge prank.

Bailey took things to the next level and forged a letter from JP Morgan inviting Ram to a training course in Bournemouth, where he supposedly has to make a one minute speech.

"It's not very convenient," sighs Ram, as he reads the letter.

But, suited and booted, Ram arrives in Bournemouth ready to roll. The realisation finally dawns on the poor lamb as Bailey bounds up the stairs, crying "I made it all up!"

"But who's James Horton?" Ram asks.

"I'm James Horton!" Bailey triumphantly cries.

Ram, you have been well and truly out-pranked.

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