Tattoo Fail: Bad Breakup Sees Ex-Girlfriend Ink Transformed Into A Skull (PICTURES)

So that tattoo of your girlfriend seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Then she ran off with your best friend, leaving you with nothing but that gigantic likeness of herself on your arm.

If you find yourself in these shoes, there’s always laser treatment.

Or you can always do what this chap did – and have it transformed into something else. Now we're not entirely sure of the circumstances of this split, but it looks...nasty.

This instance of bad ink gone good reminds us of Jordan Cotton’s reaction to being dumped – after getting his girlfriend’s name tattooed on her neck.

An afterthought: Jordan Cotton had his declaration of love revised after he was dumped

Rather than crying over spilt milk, Cotton chose to have a line struck through the emblem “Olivia”, with the fateful words “Shit happens” beneath it.

We're not entirely sure what course of action this woman should take, should things turn sour for her. Lesya was so taken with new love tattooist Ruslan Toumaniantz, she allowed him to carve his name in five-inch high Gothic script across her right cheek.

Love hurts: Ruslan Toumaniantz has modestly tattooed his name across his new girlfriend's face

When Body Art Goes Bad

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