22/05/2013 11:21 BST | Updated 22/07/2013 06:12 BST

Steven Moffat Fulfils Promise Made To Doctor Who Fans Who Kept Quiet, With Matt Smith And David Tennant Video

Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat is a man of his word.

A secret kept is a promise honoured in Steven Moffat's world

Moffat was dismayed to learn that his huge efforts to keep the contents of Series 7's final episode all to himself could all come to nothing, because the Blu-Ray version of the series was shipped to the US a week early, meaning a whole continent of fans were sitting on the secret, before the episode went to air on both sides of the Atlantic.

But... after an anguished plea via social media from the production team, Dr Who fans proved they are made of sterling stuff and kept quiet, with forums even closing their comments sections in case anyone blabbed.

Moffat promised a reward if the secret was kept, and duly posted a new video of two of our favourite Doctors - Matt Smith and David Tennant - deep in conversation. But... how good is it?

For a pair of such skilled conversationalists, they're not giving very much away. But that's probably just how true fans like it, ahead of the 50th anniversary show, to be broadcast on 23 November.

We've already had some elliptical glimpses of all the Timelords in last week's series finale and the info that John Hurt will be on Doctor duty - in SOME form! - for the special anniversary show. Apart from that... everyone's keeping freshly schtum... and Moffat will no doubt be sitting on the boxes of DVDs himself this time around.