John Hurt

Amongst all the pageantry, the façade, the capitalism, it is always nice to see some humanity. Better yet, to see it win.
To show the best of our humanity, we must stand shoulder to shoulder with every individual who feels their freedom is under attack. Because one day, it could be our freedom that is threatened.
He recently starred in the film 'Jackie'.
With his distinctive, rich voice and expressive features, John Hurt was one of Britain’s most successful actors, appearing
John Hurt has shared some good news following his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, revealing that oncologists have given him
Sir John Hurt has revealed that he is receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer. The screen veteran adds that he is "more
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Set in 2032, Snowpiercer imagines a world after a cataclysmic event caused by World governments in an attempt to counter global warming. The effect is that almost all of the human population is wiped it in a never-ending winter.