GIF, Cache, Hyperbole And More: Which Words Have YOU Always Mispronounced?

Gif Or Jif? Twitter's Mispronunciation Confessions

OMJ! Our world was rocked today with the revelation that the word GIF is supposed to be pronounced 'jif'. According to the inventor of GIFs, at least - a man who obviously knows his technology, although perhaps not his acronyms. GIF does stand for Graphics Interchange Format, after all, and not, say, Japhics Interchange Format.

But we digress. Because this discovery moved us on to far more important revelations, namely: what other words we've been mispronouncing before being put straight and/or mocked mercilessly.

HuffPost UK Comedy Editor @AndreaMann asked Twitter users for their mispronunciation confessions and below are some of our favourites. Do tell us yours in the Comments section - and don't feel embarrassed. Whether you've struggled with 'hyperbole', 'prostate' or words ending in 'que', take heart from the fact that, as these tweets prove, you are far from alone...

Twitter Admits Its Mispronounced Words


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