Most Irritating Student Uni Phrases: From Banter To YOLO, Unay To For The Lads

The most irritating phrases on campus
The most irritating phrases on campus

On the lash with the lads and off to do a TC, total shants, but YOLO.

If that grinds on your nerves like fingernails clawing a chalkboard then you're not alone. It's known as lad language, banter, uni chat, etc. And yes, it's pretty annoying.

Yeah we're probably all guilty of saying LOL in real life as opposed to just in a text, but hey, it's all gravy.

We won't be attempting to decipher these obscurities of the English language, but we've decided to gather them all under one tiny straw-thatched roof so you can toss them around like edamame beans (ref: Beyonce's GQ interview) when you feel the need to connect with your inner "lad/ladette" or join in with the shanter (shit banter).

Oh, yes, and we did have to check the spelling of "ladette" as it's not a word we deploy often. Luckily, Canterbury student @hamzjah was on hand to clarify:

If you'd like to submit your own suggestion, head over to Twitter and tweet us (duh) @HPUKStudents or post it on our Facey B wall.

On second thoughts, Facey B, is definitely going in the list.

Anywho, here's what we came up with:

Shanter (shit banter)

For the lads

TC (tactical chunder)

All aboard the banter bus

Facey B


Gusting (shit chat)

Here's what you came up with: