24/05/2013 10:43 BST | Updated 24/05/2013 11:32 BST

Amina Tyler, Topless Tunisian Protester 'Facing Two Years In Jail' After Femen Protest (PICTURES)

Activist Amina Tyler is reportedly facing two years in jail after her arrest in Tunisia earlier this month.

The 19-year-old, who was threatened with death by stoning for baring her breasts online, was arrested after daubing the word ‘Femen’ on a cemetery wall in Kairouan.

According to ANSAmed, Tyler, who is in custody, will face trial on May 30 for the graffiti and for possession of pepper spray.

Amina Tyler is led away following clashes in Kairouan, Tunisia

The channel adds: “She risks a sentence of up to two years in jail for the graffiti and up to six months over the spray.”

Tyler was arrested during clashes between police and Salafists which saw one protester killed and 15 officers wounded.

Fighting erupted between hardline Islamists and security forces in response to the ban on Salafists from staging their annual congress.

AllAfrica reports Tunisia’s prosecutor ordered Tyler’s arrest after she tried to take off her clothes opposite the Uqba Ibn Nafi Mosque.

It quotes Interior Ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui during a press conference on Monday: “Tunisian society is a Muslim society and doesn’t accept such eccentric acts.

“Amina was arrested as soon as she was recognised, especially as she was wearing a veil to disguise herself.”

Tyler was reportedly arrested for daubing the word 'Femen' on a cemetery wall

It also quotes the Co-ordinating Committee of Civil Associations as stressing: “the need to bring this girl to trial for her attempt to morally assault our sanctities.”

Women’s movement Femen, which organised a “topless jihad” in support of Tyler posted an update on its Facebook page in which it claimed the trial date may be moved with the possibility of “new charges” being made.

The post adds: “Femen is preparing a naked rematch. We won’t let wild anti-human traditions stop the liberation of Arab women. Free Amina now!”

Tyler claimed she had been beaten, kidnapped and drugged by her family after posting topless images of herself with the words “Fuck your morals” on the Femen Tunisia page.

One of the pictures of Tyler posted on the Femen Tunisia site

She also said she’d been forced to endure a humiliating “virginity test” but vowed she would continue her fight for women’s rights in the Muslim country.

In a Skype interview with Femen leader Inna Shevchenko in April, she said: “I will continue the struggle that started in Tunisia. I will do a topless protest and then I will leave.”


In an earlier interview with Frederica Tourn, she said she feared being beaten or raped if she was found by the Tunisian police.

But she insisted she was not afraid: “No, nothing they could do would be worse than what already happens here to women, the way women are forced to live every day.

"Ever since we are small they tell us to be calm, to behave well, to dress a certain way, everything to find a husband. We must also study to be able to marry, because young guys today want a woman who works.”

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