Extreme Bloody Mary Contains Popcorn, Bacon, Peanuts, Beans, Sausage, Pretzel, Pickle & Beer (PICTURE)

Extreme Bloody Mary Will Blow Your Mind. And Probably Your Stomach (PICTURE)

Nursing a hangover? Feeling a bit peckish too? We've got just the thing...

Introducing a Bloody Mary crammed with popcorn, bacon, peanuts, beans, sausage, pretzel, sliders, pickle, nachos and cheese, vegetables, cheese curds and a beer chaser. (And breathe).

This monster will set you back just $5 (provided you can get to O'Davey's Irish Pub & Restaurant in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.)

This 'drink' will set you back just $5

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, this behemoth is served on the first Sunday of every month from 11.30am.

We're getting indigestion just looking at it...but we kind of want one.

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