28/05/2013 09:03 BST | Updated 28/05/2013 09:09 BST

EDL Protester Filmed Shouting 'Send The Black C**** Home' During Newcastle March

This video contains strong language

Video has emerged allegedly showing an EDL supporter telling a group of demonstrators that he wants to "send the black c**** home".

The footage posted on YouTube was shot during a protest in Newcastle's Bigg Market last Saturday in response to the Woolwich attack that killed Drummer Lee Rigby.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson can be seen and heard addressing the crowd before the mic is taken by an unidentified man.

He says: "I know I can say me, I'll tell her to say 'send the black c**** home.'"

Several hundred EDL protesters gathered in Newcastle on Saturday, singing "I'm English til I die" amongst a heavy police presence.