Thousands of truckers have brought Ottawa, the capital of Canada, to a freeze as they protest against COVID-19 vaccines at the borders.
Lockdown didn’t mean the far-right disappearing. It meant the threat changing and growing more dangerous than before, write HOPE not hate’s Nick Lowles and Jemma Levene.
The 18-year-old published vitriolic graphics encouraging terrorism and signposted people to violent terrorist guidebooks online.
Italy's first closures since the lockdown eased are fueling fresh anti-immigrant rhetoric just as the number of migrants surges.
The picture was taken during a far-right protest in London on Saturday.
Self-proclaimed 'statue defenders' were filmed hurling glass bottles, fireworks and smoke grenades at police on Saturday.
Far-right groups have called on supporters to travel to London to protect monuments.
Alice Cutter, her ex-partner Mark Jones and two other neo-Nazi "diehards" were found guilty of being a member of the banned terrorist group National Action.
A tide of anti-lockdown protests have been advertised this weekend across the country. But will they materialise? And who is behind them?
History shows us economic anxiety and fear can lead to a rise in vote shares for extreme parties and populist figures, Naz Shah MP writes.