'Sonic Lost World Trailer' Is Ring-Tastic (VIDEO)

Depending on how wedded to retro video games you are, Sonic The Hedghog has had a pretty rough time of late - arguably since the third stage of Marble Zone in Sonic 1, in fact.

But Sega's flagship blue rodent is still an undisputed gaming icon, and recently proved his enduring appeal when a remade conversion of Sonic 1 for Apple's iOS went to the top of the App Store charts, joined by the endless runner Sonic Dash.

Now there's a new Sonic game coming exclusively for Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U consoles, and the good news is that it looks fantastic.

A fully 3D adventure built around the same fast-paced platforming as the original, Sonic Lost World appears quick, bold, bright and simple, with hints of depth beneath the surface.

The first trailer has received a great reception online, drawing comparisons to Super Mario Galaxy. Take a look above. We should get a better look at the upcoming E3 conference, which starts on 11 June.