Earthquake In Wales Caused By The Apprentice's Alex Mills Raising His Eyebrows

THIS JUST IN: Welsh Earthquake 'Caused By The Apprentice's Alex Raising His Eyebrows'

It has been confirmed that an earthquake which rocked Wales on Tuesday night was caused when Alex Mills - a contestant on 'The Apprentice' - raised his eyebrows.

The earthquake's epicentre was close to Abersoch in North Wales, and measured 3.8 on the Richter scale. As Mills lives over 175 miles away in Cardiff, South Wales, it was thought that he must have raised both eyebrows in order to produce a quake of such magnitude.

Locals reported feeling an "intense shaking" similar to that felt by 'Apprentice' candidates when they find themselves in the bottom three.

When asked to explain the phenomenon, Mills said: "I told you on Tuesday night's show that I didn't need Viagra. I think this proves why."

Seismologist Tom Jones, meanwhile, told the BBC: "An earthquake like this is not unusual".

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