Calls To Raise The IQ Of Barristers

Calls To Raise The IQ Of Barristers

There have been calls to raise the IQ of barristers after one expressed an opinion that most right-thinking people disagree with.

Campaigners say that the threshold needs to be raised in order to stop "the persecution of middle-aged women".

"This witch-hunting of ageing barristers echoes the Soviet Union," one told us.

Stupidity and ill-informed remarks were far worse in barristers' chambers during Victorian times, say campaigners. The IQ of barristers should therefore now be raised to reflect modern-day life, one told us, and "anyone suggesting otherwise has lost touch with reality. Now, where did I put my unicorn?"

There are also calls for barristers' clients to waive their right to anonymity.

"We must stop fetishising the legal profession," said one campaigner. "Instead, we should focus on arming today’s clients with the savoir-faire and skills to avoid being represented by an ignorant buffoon."


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