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South Korean politicians are looking to criminalise such behaviour.
An overwhelming 94% of girls think that street harassment should be illegal.
Lawyers representing three families say a lack of meaningful contact with parents who are in jail could have a damaging long-term impact
One mother is taking the government to court over claims the system has left her in debt and without incentive to pursue a career. And she is not alone.
All charges were eventually dropped against the migrant women, whose case was fought by the English Collective of Prostitutes.
Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan took their battle for 'a relationship of equals' to the Supreme Court – and won.
Dave was a fresher at university when he claims a girl forced him to penetrate her against his will.
Almost 95% of surrogates support a change to what campaigners call an 'outdated' law.
Just 1% of prosecutions recorded since the 'extreme images' law change are for the possession of rape porn – compared to 85% for bestiality pornography.
A written constitution, something John Bercow now appears to support, would complicate things for the prime minister.
Stalking is not legally defined in the Protection from Harassment Act, but a series of behaviours are listed as guidance, such as following a person, persistently contacting them or spying on them. It only takes two instances of this behaviour to qualify as an offence under the act.
The Queen's speech on Monday confirmed a new bill will introduce 'no fault' divorces.
The 'human right' to have sex with one’s spouse means the government can be sued if it unnecessarily interferes with it – it does not mean one’s spouse can be sued for refusing to have sex
No, the aubergine emoji is NOT an invitation for moussaka 🍆
Auj-e Taqaddas was arrested for slapping an Indonesian immigration officer in July 2018. The incident was filmed, though she says the video has been edited. She’s now been sentenced to six months in jail.
7 January is the most common day to seek a divorce in the UK.
But it's not all good news: just three of the total 12 Supreme Court judges are women.
'Society is now better for individualism.'
Reducing the use of ineffective short sentences would take the pressure off overcrowded local jails
Victims of domestic violence will get 10 extra days off work in addition to holiday and sick leave.