Queen Tells Black Rod To "Shut The F*** Up" As Banging Disturbs State Opening Of Parliament

Queen Tells Black Rod To "Shut The F*** Up"

The Queen shocked onlookers by stepping out during a break in the State Opening of Parliament and telling Black Rod to "shut the fuck up".

Angered by the loud banging noise being made by the parliamentary official, she shouted: "'Quiet! We're trying to do a show in here! People have paid a lot of money to have seats in the House of Lords!"

The Queen: not amused

David Cameron, who is currently playing the role of the prime minister, tweeted: "You should have seen HM (Her Majesty). She came out in full Queen costume and really let him have it. It was breathtaking".

Black Rod has since apologised. "Obviously I'm terribly upset if I caused her any distress," he said. "But it was the only way I could get into the Commons after the door was slammed in my face."

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

State Opening of Parliament 2013

The Audience, Gielgud Theatre


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