30/05/2013 11:29 BST

High School Saves Graduation Seat For Student Who Lost His Life To Cancer (PICTURE)

A high school saved a seat at its graduation ceremony for a student who tragically lost his life to cancer, and the image of the touching gesture has gone viral.

Posted on, a caption beside the image read: "A friend of mine lost his life to cancer back in 8th grade, this is the year he would be graduating, they reserved a seat for him."

The school, which has remained anonymous, saved a seat for the deceased student

The image, taken before the unknown school's graduation ceremony, has had more than 500,000 views. After being posted on Reddit, one user of the site said he had been present at the graduation.

'I was there tonight, after the ceremony seeing his father take pictures with it was heartbreaking," Ashtwain wrote. "The graduation was hosted in a basketball stadium, his father, when asked if he'd like to move closer, he replied with, 'No, when my son would come here to watch basketball games this is where he sat'.

"While taking pictures, two of the sons best friends came over to take a picture as well, as soon as the father saw them he hugged them and they all broke down crying."