GTA 5 Fan's Project Reveals Full Los Santos Map? (SCREENSHOTS)

GTA V Fan Reveals Full Map Months Before Release?

A project by Grand Theft Auto fans has revealed the game world map from GTA V revealed months before its release.

The next instalment in the GTA series will take place in a sprawling Los Santos landscape much larger than those seen in the previous games.

It will also feature three main characters, with different stories, motivations and even hobbies.

But ahead of its launch in September fans have piece together evidence from official shots of the GTA V collector's edition, released last week, along with information from trailers and screenshots.

The result is an extensive and apparently relatively complete map of the game world, revealing islands, the layout of the main city and small townships scattered around the island.

However its accuracy has been called into question by one GTA forum, whose members complained that the map was not only based on their detective work, but was completed with debatable skill by a fan speculating on the final game's content.

Either way, it's an interesting glimpse at the size and scale of the new GTA.

Take a look at the full map, plus screenshots from the game, below.


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