05/06/2013 05:40 BST | Updated 04/08/2013 06:12 BST

Mind-Controlled Building Changes Shape Based On Your Mood (VIDEO)

Mind-controlled quadcopters are one thing - but mind-controlled buildings?

BoingBoing points us to an installation created last year by Guvenc Ozel at Ozel Office, in which an entire structure can be automatically adjusted for shape and colour based on a visitor's brainwaves.

Known as the 'cerebral hut', the installation is an experiment into futuristic architecture which can more accurately reflect its inhabitants over time. It uses a device to measure brain frequencies, and translates those into movements and colour changes which affect how the building appears.

Ozel says:

"Cerebral Hut is an interactive installation that explores the relationship between architecture, movement and human thought. We traditionally assume that the built environment, whether in the architectural or the urban scale influences our psyche.

What if we can reverse that relationship? What if a kinetic architecture could establish a direct connection between the thoughts of its user and itself in order to reconfigure its physical boundaries accordingly?"

For more amazing architecture, check out the slideshow below.

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