05/06/2013 11:24 BST | Updated 05/08/2013 06:12 BST

Newborn Baby Pictured In Still-Intact Amniotic Sac Posted On Facebook By Dr Aris Tsigris In Athens

Huddled in its still-intact amniotic sac, this newly delivered baby is unaware it has even been born.

The captivating snap revealing a caesarean delivery with a big difference was posted on Facebook on March 12 by Dr Aris Tsigris.

Typically the amniotic sac ruptures during birth and is commonly known as the mother’s “waters breaking”.

baby in intact amniotic sac

Dr Aris Tsigris posted this caesarian delivery picture on Facebook

Dr Tsigris said incidences of the amniotic sac remaining completely intact were “ultra rare” and that he was left “breathless” by the delivery, Ninemsn reports.

The channel adds there is no risk to the baby as it continues to feed off the placenta, beginning to breathe as soon as the sac is broken.


A comment left on Parent Society by reader janinelozano reads:

"My daughter was born naturally at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, Ca., 1987, in her amniotic sac and my doctor told the nurses NOT to break it. She broke it herself after she arrived by waving her arm. In Sweden this is called “The Hood of Victory” and it means you’ll have good luck and a long life."

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