06/06/2013 10:32 BST | Updated 06/06/2013 10:42 BST

Domino's Pizza Drone 'DomiCopter' Could Deliver Your Dinner By Air (VIDEO)

Domino's is set to start delivering pizza by drone, according to a video posted on its UK and Ireland YouTube account.

Entitled "Introducing the Domino's DomiCopter!", the footage shows a domino pizza zooming high above the green countryside before landing on a customer's doorstep.

Called an 'octocopter' the type of drone seen in the video has eight spinning blades and is usually used to take pictures or film videos from the air.

The drone dinner is the brainchild of digital agency T and Biscuits, who posted on their website an explanation for the Domicopter, conceived with a UK based drone specialist Aeroflight.

T and Biscuits posted: "We were looking at innovative ways to deliver pizza and thought, ‘what is cooler than a flying pizza?’.. it turns out not much.

"The video has had 17,000+ views in just under 12 hours and our emails have been going mad with inquiries as to when people may be getting their food delivered by the DomiCopter. You will have to just wait and see…. and then wait."

So is it a PR stunt or a genuine innovation?

According to NBC a spokesperson for Domino's commented: "Domino's is an innovative company that is constantly looking at ways to deliver pizzas as quickly as possible. It could be great to think that one day pizzas could fly!”