10/06/2013 08:54 BST

Indians Swallow Fish Filled With Medicine To Cure Asthma (PICTURES)

Indian family claim fish filled with medicine can cure asthma
Indian family claim fish filled with medicine can cure asthma

At this time of year, those suffering from asthma can find their condition becomes dramatically worse. As the pollen count rises, so do our allergic reactions.

But the Bathini family in South India's Hyderabad City claim they can cure this common chronic inflammatory disease by using a home-made ancestral remedy called 'Fish Prasadam'.

live fish asthma

An old man gets Bathini family's special asthma treatment in Hyderabad, India

The treatment involves the swallowing of small live fish filled with special yellow coloured medicine, made by the family.

Although there has never been a scientific study of this approach, every year thousands of people attend a special session in Hyderabad, India to have this treatment.

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The Bathini family claim they have been curing asthma patients for the past 160 years using home-made medicine and live fish.

However, the family refuse to disclose the ingredients of their potent formula, as they claim the disclosure will mean the mixtures loses its efficacy.