Jose Jimenez, Argentinian Belle Vista Player Sent Off For Throwing Dog Off Pitch By Its Neck (VIDEO)


An Argentinian footballer has been sent off after he hurled a pitch-invading dog into a fence by the scruff of its neck.

Belle Vista player Jose Jimenez is seen rushing up to the animal after it ran onto the pitch during a lower league game against San Juan in the province of de Tucumán.

He is seen picking it up and throwing it into a metal fence, earning himself a red card and a sending off by the referee.

Jose Jimenez was filmed hurling the dog off the pitch and into a metal fence

Thankfully the dog gets to its feet - apparently unhurt.

Jimenez's brutal act saw him pelted by furious supporters and a brawl was sparked as hosts San Juan turned on the player.

The outcry is reminiscent to that when a player kicked an injured owl off a pitch in 2011.

The animal, a mascot for Atlético Junior, was hurt when it was struck by a ball, prompting the game to be halted. Deportivo Pereira defender Luis Moreno was then seen kicking the bird towards the touchline.

Moreno was forced to apologise to the "whole Columbian nation" after the bird later died, The Telegraph reported.