Rise of the 'Mankle' Leads To Surge In Smelly Feet

Happy Feet Don't Smell
Happy Feet Don't Smell

Which genius came up with the idea of mankles? The trend of wearing shoes without socks, which started a couple of years ago, is still going strong, but no one thought to think of the consequences. Namely, that socks serve a purpose - soaking up sweat during the day so that you don't choke your fellow passengers with cheesy feet fumes.

According to online pharmacy Chemist Direct, there has been an 11% increase in treatments for smelly and sweaty feet. They believe the main driver behind this is the rise of men wearing loafers or brogues without socks. Pharmacists have confirmed the theory by reporting that a lot of male customers have been asking them about how to stop their sockless feet from smelling.

The bad smell is caused by bacterial build-up, and according to medical experts, not wearing socks means the sweat can seep directly into the shoe leather, becoming a "breeding ground for bacteria". This is doubly so in summer, when warm weather increases the growth of bacteria.

Experts advise that you should wear cotton socks instead of synthetic as it allows the feet to breathe and remain cool, and footwear should be alternated every day. Omar El-Gohary, Superintendent Pharmacist at Chemist Direct says: "If you have problems consider using a deodorant on feet, such as Odaban roll on or Scholl foot spray, medicated deodorising insoles, or treating the feet with an antibacterial wash such as Hibiscrub for a few minutes twice a day.”

Londoners apparently use the most amount of smelly foot products, followed by Warrington and Wigan.

The trend shows no signs of abating, despite David Cameron being papped wearing work shoes minus socks on holiday last year in Italy.

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