'SharkWheel' Inventor David Patrick Claims To Have Literally Reinvented The Wheel (VIDEO)

Man Claims To Have Literally Reinvented The Wheel

A man claiming to have literally reinvented the wheel has raised more than $25,000 in funding.

And oddly enough, inventor David Patrick claims that his inspiration "came from a cube".

Known as the "SharkWheel", Patrick's invention is essentially a rolled up helix shape, which he first came up with when connecting modular tubes into a perfect square - and noticing that they rolled comfortably on the ground.

By taking the same essential idea, layering it into a thicker wheel shape and building a prototype for skateboards, he found a shape that he claims is faster, more stable and provides more grip than a normal wheel.

They're currently designed specifically for skateboards, but with the right backing it's possible they could end up on any vehicle you could name.

Patrick says the wheels have less points of contact that a normal wheel, and roll with less resistance. But they also have more control over grip and sliding, can roll over varying terrain (including sandy paths) and are better in the rain.

The project launched this week on Kickstarter, looking for $10,000 in funding - and has already more than doubled that total. Early backers are being offered sets of the wheels along with T-shirts and even a complete skateboard for $265.

Speaking to the Atlantic, he said the wheels "feel perfectly circular when you're riding, but look like a square from the side when in motion".

So that clears that up.

Customers, however, appear impressed.

"I don't even understand how these wheels are possible," said one early adopter, according to a testimonial. "From just looking at them you would think they couldn't possibly ride the way they do. They feel so smooth it is like a magic trick or something!"

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