UK Weather: Rain And Wind To Return To 'Typical British Summer'

Forecasters say the 'typical British summer' is returning, with showers expected into next week.

After some belated hot weather last week, the Met Office predicted more unsettled conditions for the rest of this week, with outbursts of rain in many areas.

Winds of up to 40mph have been forecast, with temperatures around 20C in the sunshine and in the teens in most areas.

Met Office forecaster Helen Roberts told The Telegraph: "There will be heavy rain at times, particularly for the north of the country, and stronger winds are likely to be the main feature of the weather.

“For the south of the country, winds will be unusually strong for this time of year. With trees in full leaf, there’s potential for branches to come down – the main risk period is the early hours into tomorrow morning.”

A Met Office spokesman told The Mail the weather cycle could be seen as a 'typical British summer'.

"The weather can be best summed up over the course of the day as quite unsettled, a few places experiencing dry, bright spells, and temperatures will be quite decent when the sun does come out - with highs of around 22 degrees.

"There is rain clearing out of Scotland, heading into the South West moving along the south coast into the afternoon - turning into heavy rain throughout the evening.

"There will also be more rain overnight in places and it will windy as well along the western coast, with gusts of between 35-40mph."