The Met Office issues a yellow rain warning covering overnight on Wednesday and into Thursday.
Torrential rain is also expected to affect many parts of the country.
Torrential rain and melting snow will make for a “volatile situation” in parts of northern England, as some councils prepare for evacuations.
Should you cancel your social plans altogether? Absolutely not, we say – it’s time to embrace the rain.
George Eustice says the government is not "a one-man show".
Keepers at the Australian Reptile Park were forced to beat crocodiles back with brooms as the deluge flooded their enclosure.
Met Office says prospects are improving for soaked communities - though some rain will continue.
For the past week, parts of the north and the Midlands have been ravaged by floods. Here's how it looks on the ground.
Rain, snow and ice will cause more havoc in parts of Britain.
She died after being swept away by a flood outside her home in Cazouls-d’Herault.