Google And Microsoft Interns Probably Earn More Than You Do

Being an intern typically involves long hours, low pay, prolific tea-making and just maybe a job at the end - but not if you work for a tech giant.

Hopefuls starting out at Microsoft make on average a whopping £4,500 a month in the US.

Before you give up your day job and apply however, it should be pointed out the high wages are needed to secure the best talents in a highly competitive industry.

Tellingly, second on the list of highest paid interns is Google with their interns pocketing £3,650 a month on average.

Not only do they earn nearly double the average UK wage but also have free access to cafe's, gyms and masseuses.

Google has a notoriously difficult and secretive application process - a film starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn has just been made about it.

One prospective intern was asked: "How many cows are there in Canada?".

Scott Dobroski of Glassdoor who conducted the research, said: "While Google interns also talk about a handsome monthly base pay and other benefits, it’s interesting to note they also say they do work long hours and are often given deadlines to complete projects.

"Interning at Google is no walk in the park, but a rewarding experience."