Google Trends In Real Time: Watch The Internet Search, Live

Google has released a real-time visualisation of everything the Internet is searching for, as it happens.

The neat online tool, based on Google Trends data, gives viewers a snapshot of what's trending online.

As of press time hot searches included iOS 7, the PS4 and lots of things in Russian that we don't understand.

You can choose to see just one topic on screen, or expand it into a five-by-five grid.

In truth it's not exactly the most useful Google tool around - the search giant has a wealth of interesting and engaging Trends tools, but after a few minutes this one is a bit of a snooze.

But as a pure visual treat - or possibly as a screensaver if someone can hack that up for us? - it's quite fascinating.

And yes, as far as we can tell it's safe for work...

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