Julia Gillard Outraged After Radio DJ Asks Her If Partner Is Gay (Because He's A Hairdresser)

All hairdressers are gay, right?

Clearly not, but that's the assumption an Australian radio show host appeared to make when he asked prime minister Julia Gillard if her hair-chopping partner was homosexual.

Howard Sattler was highlighting how Gillard was often the butt of "myths, rumours, snide jokes and innuendos" when he asked to "test a few out".

The stereotype

He the proceeded to push Gillard to confirm her partner, Tim Mathieson, was in a heterosexual relationship.

Gillard said the claim was "silly", absurd and "ridiculous" as Sattler insisted it was not him saying it but a "myth that people say".

Gillard had previously been defending her decision to co-habit and not get married and had also reiterated her opposition to gay marriage.

She said: "Personal choice and I think the fact that I'm not married shows obviously I think that you can have a relationship that is committed and full of love and full of significance in your life without being married."

The reality